I, Kevin Kossowan, am an egg snob

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Well at least I’m not in denial. These are the first eggs I’ve had in while from the farm I’ve talked about before. 4 glorious dozen. To honor them appropriately, I have visions of vanilla ice cream, creme brulée, and egg salad sandwiches. And of course, fried egg over easy with toast and home-made bacon. Come on. That’s real food.

Having not had an easy supply, I went back to Sunworks at the market, buying their fine eggs for $4/dozen. Sadly, I was disappointed. I’d had it too good. I’ve even recently had supermarket eggs. My newly beloved farm eggs stand up when cracked in a pan – not running like they’re half full of water. Their yolks vary in color from deep yellow to deep orange. Not ‘light lemon’. The shells are not paper-thin and fragile. They’re rich and lovely. They’re a marvel.

I was recently informed that one would have to be completely unreasonable to pay more than supermarket prices for eggs. Those who bought at farmer’s markets or specialty food stores were clearly stupid. Cause eggs are eggs, after all.

I may need counseling to come to terms with others not appreciating good product. Hey – let’s bash the posh stuff without even trying it! Awesome! Why try the illogically overpriced posh stuff when I can pay even MORE to buy prepared foods made with SHITTIER product!!!

Maybe I should start a lobby group to get ‘food economics’ taught in high school. Maybe I need to relax.

As I paid my dad for the 4 dozen today, I had to re-count a couple times to make sure I was right….$6? No…that can’t be right. 4 dozen…$6. $1.50 a dozen…yup. That’s right. Superior quality AND lowest price? My inner cheap-ass will sleep well tonight.

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  1. Chad

    We’re selling our eggs for $3/dozen. This is an old post and inflation has been crazy. I think these eggs cost me about a dollar each, taking into consideration the money I may or may not receive from people I sell them to and the ridiculous price of keeping them from freezing to death.
    …If you’re interested.

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