Ice Fishing – First of the Season


Lac Ste Anne - Ice FishingIt strikes me as rather convenient that after a couple months of pork, game, and beef, nature’s thoughtful next step in seasonal food offering is some fresh fish. I’ll take it. Was out at Lac Ste Anne this time around as it was a convenient location for meeting Jeff Senger for a 8 hr business meeting. Between he and I we have 6 girls and 1 boy, so meetings at our homes is rather…inefficient. Ice fishing meeting. We’ve decided that these are


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  1. Congratulations!So happy you were able to get out and do what you love and add some fish to your freezer and winter diet.

  2. How could I MIS read that? But I did! Re read just now to see WHICH of the fish that did NOT land on the ice – landed on it – to see which ones you brought home. XO As you say, next time… but I have loved fishing whether I catch, or not. The anticipation is so much fun. However, after three or four outings with nothing, I usually don’t return.

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