I’m Thankful for This Soup

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I’ve been really grateful for the abundance around me lately. I feel a little like I’ve won the lottery [I don’t buy tickets]. This soup kind of summed up my happiness of late. It’s a purée of winter squashes from my former lawned front yard, with celery and leek from my backyard garden + a whack of chevre from Holly. Atop it is a dollop of goat yogurt, wild lobster mushrooms a friend hooked me up with, some burdock root [from the garden] that was sautéed with a little bacon made from Nature’s Green Acres pig. This soup defined a moment, was unique, dynamic and tasted lovely. Every last bit of it was made from the garden, or from food received from a friend.

One of the things I’ll be grateful for this thanksgiving is for the relationships I’ve been building in the local food community. It has made every meal, no matter how small, more meaningful. Just like killing an animal gives you a deep respect for the use of its meats,  or growing your fruits and vegetables makes you love them that much more – so does having a close relationship with the folks that produce your food increase your connection to and enjoyment of their foods. Strange comparison, perhaps, but it’s true.

Amidst all the reasons to support your local farmer directly – health, chemical avoidance, sustainable ag, quality, freshness,  organics, whatever – community was not something I anticipated harvesting from doing so. And for that, I am grateful.

3 Comments on “I’m Thankful for This Soup”

  1. A Canadian Foodie

    Beautifully said. I also posted a Thankful for my Farmers post Saturday when I got home from the market – so sad to not see some of them for a few months… and to now have to rely on winter root vegetables, winter salads (as Vanja calls preserved vegetables) and so forth. You have really developed close relationships with all of your producers through your Get to Know My Local Farmer Project. I love your projects. I am also thankful for the friendship that is developing with you and Pam and the girls. I am thankful for what I have learned from you this season and for your generous spirit.
    Now, please chime in on my Turkey Dressing and Cranberry Sauce posts. I want to know how you make yours!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! There is nothing like the pride of a dish completely provided by the labour of your own hands!!!

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