It’s Time to Dig = It’s Time to Share

Despite the trillion hours of work I’ve put into this project in R&D, I have yet to post about it. But today. Today the gas company sent someone over to take a look at the project and okayed it. Earlier this week the municipal Planning & Development office okayed it. The due diligence ended today. The research is done. The oodles of scale drawings are complete. It’s time to dig.

The design started as a grill. Ended up as a 48″ Rumford-esque chimneyed fireplace with a 2′ deep cooking hearth for embers. The 32×36″ barrel-dome oven was soon added. The end posts are to support a pergola, and will conveniently act as supports for concrete countertops. To add to the drama, the entire project will be largely built with recycled/reclaimed/reused masonry – partly out of frugality but largely out of a desire to build something grand out of others’ discards.

It’s no secret I feel strongly about cooking over a fire, so building what one city planner called the ‘grand-daddy’ of wood burning appliances is not surprisingly quite a joy. I will share the joy as the job moves forward.

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  1. Jason says:

    bye bye back yard!

  2. Kevin Kossowan says:

    More like: hello back yard!

  3. Chris says:

    Would love to come see this happen in action. Sounds amazing!

  4. Court says:

    …and I thought my husband was the only guy around that hatched big crazy (to some) ideas – this one looks pretty great!

  5. erika says:

    what a great idea! city planners probably see A LOT of ideas pass their desk – what a compliment to hear you are building the "grand-daddy". have you planned your first meal to cook in it yet?

  6. Kevin Kossowan says:

    Chris – I'd be happy to have you by. Especially to give the oven a go when it's ready!

    Court – glad to hear I'm not alone. :)

    Erika – I was pleased to hear it from them for that very reason. No first meal planned yet. I suppose I'm most excited to be able to roast/bake in the summer, esp breads and pizzas.

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  9. amy manning says:

    Thank you for your inspiration!

  10. jeff says:

    just noticed this unit while browsing your site. Did it ever come to fruition?
    Looks like a serious outdoor oven.

    Really put my napoleon grill to shame and makes me envious.

  11. Amy – you’re welcome!
    Jeff – not yet built. Re-roofed our garage and re-ducted our house this summer = decided to postpone. It’ll happen eventually.

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