Jack-o-lantern & Chevre Cupcake

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Although not a big TV watcher, I have to admit I really love ‘Jamie at Home’. I was  recently watching his winter squash episode, and he  very quickly whipped together butternut squash cupcakes with a very low-sugar icing. ‘Hm’, thought I, ‘I have a bunch of jack-o-lantern pumpkin in the freezer that needs to get eaten’. Then, thought I, “I also have lots of chevre from Smoky Valley Goat Cheese in my freezer”. Hm.

See, back when we did a cheese tasting for Holly the cheesemaker, one of the ideas for use of her chevre was cream cheese icing on carrot cake. Every time that idea crossed my mind, I thought it  was genius. It was time to give it a go.

We directly substituted pumpkin for butternut, and chevre for sour cream, and as unlikely as it is for me to get excited about cupcakes, these are really awesome. They will be a new staple in our home. The girls like them, mom and dad like them, and they’re heavy on winter squash and goat cheese, and relatively light on sugar. The chevre doesn’t need a lot of sugar to whip up into an icing – a few tablespoons of icing sugar per cup of chevre, and it’s really, really good as icing – only a slight tang of tartness reminding me it’s goat dairy and not cream cheese. Because of the light tang, go easy on the citrus, I think, if using Jamie’s recipe. We used no citrus.

So there you have it. Me, endorsing a cupcake. Never thought I’d see the day.

6 Comments on “Jack-o-lantern & Chevre Cupcake”

  1. alan

    I really enjoy Jamie at home too. I love the bash it together attitude,the fresh (dirt still on) veggies, and the sarcasim. (His salad making show was one of my favs.) He makes food that inspires me to cook.

    The cupcakes look great. You could call them muffins if it makes you feel better about liking them. That’s what I’d do.

  2. Mel

    Those do look pretty fantastic. I scoff at cupcakes as well, but maybe if I make something similar I’ll end up a born-again cupcake enthusiast.

  3. A Canadian Foodie

    I love Jamie at home. It is so real and practical and meant for the non cook – which I love.
    And I usually hate cupcakes as I see them only as purveyors of frosting. I am always trying for a nutritious cake – like the one I attempted for Bene with the butternut squash. That is not to say I don’t go decadent – as I certainly do! But, that was one nutritious cake with the almond flour…etc.
    And this is the same – but better! Your own products! Bravo! Kevin the baker! I love it. Anyone who can make a Creme Brulee like you had better think of some other treats. Do you do souffles? A goat cheese souffle would be great, too – or see my recipe today and use 1 cup of chevre with 2 cups of heavy cream, whipped and hang it in cheese cloth in your cellar overnight or for 2 nights. YUM.
    Cover it with high bush syrup and frozen berries

  4. Karlynn

    Those aren’t cupcakes, they are wickedly pimped out muffins! (I am not on the cupcake craze bandwagon either, just gimme a damn slice from an amazing cake please) I love NOTHING better than baking with squash, those look amazing! MmmmMmmmm!

  5. Madame Fromage

    This is great, Kevin. I could see how the goat cheese would work well with those warm flavors. Lovely. And your photos only get more and more stunning.

  6. Kevin

    Alan – you’re right. Both about Jamie and about the muffin justification.
    Mel – oh, try. If you end up with squash-ville again this coming gardening season, you must.
    Valerie – a souffle is on my long-term to-do list. I’ll likely give it a go when the rhubarb shows it’s pretty face in a couple months.
    Karlynn – pimped out indeed! And my wife is with you: cake rules.
    MF – thanks. Love the cheese art you just posted about.

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