January Can Be Busy, Apparently.


Wood Oven DoorAlthough the blog’s been quiet, my life has not been. Januaries here suck, for the most part. They’re darned cold. And snowy. And cold. And usually a do-nothing-kinda-month. I’d planned on taking January to get the shamozzle of incorporations and business setups done, and then out of the blue, piles and piles of production work fell atop my calendar. Plop. Add to that much Shovel & Fork action. In January.

Example. Saturday morning, the Game Butchery Epic ran out at Sangudo. Super interesting. Jeff Senger killed 3


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  1. Nicola Cunha says:

    As someone who has worked in the food industry for many years, I’m really glad for you that Jan was busy! Plus I love the look of your blog. It always looks professional and original. Kudos!

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