Jerky Day.

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Jerky day. I actually can’t remember the last time I made jerky, but sadly, I think it’s been over a year. Why? Sometimes, I’m just not that smart, what can I say. But I got inspired by my moose-bacon, and was driven to do another cured and smoked game product right away. So I’ve got 5lbs of calf moose and elk sliced up, and am doing it two ways:

1] smoked with hickory and dried over wood coals, and
2] dried in the oven.

Both have been cured in half dry cure [kosher salt, sugar, pink salt], and half kosher salt – with some soy and smashed garlic cloves – for about 24 hours. I then do a very hi-tech procedure involving taking the pieces and pounding/spreading them lightly with the bottom of my mortar, as they tend to tighten up/bunch up while curing. Then on to racks, and off to dry. So simple. So non-perishable. So portable. So popular [esp with the kids]. Such a good way to get people eating game. If this batch works out well, I’ve promised myself to immediately make another large batch. Notes on the results of each method to come…

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