7 Comments on “June Carrots and Beets from Cold Frame Sowing”

  1. Bob in Edmonton

    Wow, you have me convinced! I have some decent sized carrot and beet tops, but the roots are not really worth harvesting yet–maybe another 3 weeks or more.

  2. Judy Z

    MMM!! They look so good. Nothing compares to fresh picked carrots and those look the perfect size.

  3. A Canadian Foodie

    I am completely stunned. Speechless (so that is motivating!)!
    Truly cannot really fathom that you could have carrots this big in Edmonton already at this time of year in our zone three climate. This is a gardening miracle. Who it the Edmonton Journal Gardening editor. This cold frame concept needs to be a main stream publication in our limited growing season area. I know you have said it is a simple initiative, Kevin – but this is what it takes. A brilliant mind to employ a simple idea to show the world how effective it is. My jaw is still hanging open!

  4. Evelyn

    I’ll bet I’ve got another 6 weeks before I see a carrot like that. I definitely need to turn my old windows into something useful.

  5. Barry

    I can never seem to harvest carrots in any abundance, because my 6 year old will go out to the garden before i get home from work, pull a couple out of the ground, wash them in the hose and eat them on the spot lol. I don’t mind though, that’s why I grow them. At 6 years old she can distinguish between the carrots, radishes, lettauce, basil, chives, rosemarry, thyme, oregano and dill that i have growing, and knows each one by taste. Love being able to grow stuff for her to sample and learn about.

    Great job Kevin, Kudos!

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