Late-season Whitefish

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WhitefishI’ve been a busy boy lately, so much cool stuff that I’m having a hard time keeping up. But I couldn’t not post about some lovely fish we caught today after a long day on the ice. Not much action, but any day taking home fish is a good day for me, no matter how meagre the success. A perk to ice fishing I really do enjoy is the shooting the shit [can’t do that when hunting so much], sharing some food and drink, etc – very social + you’re fishing.

I’m still enamoured with the whitefish. I had zero experience with them, despite having fished in Alberta my whole life. Just not in the lakes that had whitefish, apparently. I love their prehistoric salmon-esque look. They’re the best white fish there is for smoking as it’s oilier than perch or pike. And recently a friend and I did up some whitefish, scaled, skin-on, fried until the skin was crispy and it’s my new favorite. Lovely stuff.

Ice fishing season is coming to an end, quickly. In a couple weeks the season’s closed, and the lakes are already getting mucky around the edges, despite the 2-3′ of ice we fish on – the ice auger I was using today was up to the handles today before breaking through to water. Today was the first time ice fishing that the Canada geese were flying and honking about, a sure sign that winter is about to let go, and it’s on to growing season again.

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  1. Judy Z

    I wish I had negotiated with you to save the fish parts that you were not cooking (?heads and guts, maybe) for making fish fertilizer. According to some of my reading, you mix fish scraps with equal parts brown sugar and allow to ferment for a couple of weeks (the brown sugar counteracts the smell of the fish) then you can mix the liquid that develops 1 part to 100 parts H2O and use it as fertilizer for your plants.
    I guess I’ll have to take up fishing.

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