Long Live Apricot Jam

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Many eons ago, when I was but a small child, my mom made apricot jam. She canned and preserved lots of things – some favorites including pears and peaches – but it took a couple decades for me to realize that apricot jam was at the top of my list for preserves of any kind. I’d made a couple batches of cooked apricots in the past year to top home-made vanilla ice cream – but never actually gone through the process of actually canning jam. This mission has now been accomplished.

Long story short. Inspiration was from a fav blogger’s post, which includes the recipe I largely followed. One of the notable steps that took me aback was letting the fruit, sugar, and vanilla mixture get to know each other overnight. I also find using the pit’s ‘almonds’ fascinating – not something I grew up with. The final product is shown below. I dig the vanilla bean fleck, and with the loads of vanilla beans I still possess, other fruit preserves will share a similar attribute, I’m sure.

The reason I missed a day or two blogging was because I was here…

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