Madras Cow Elk Shoulder in Coconut Milk

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This dish was a long time coming. Ever since this post of Gracianne’s, I’d wanted to do a respectable Indian curry dish with some game. I’d intended moose. I’d intended to follow her recipe to the letter. But I only had a good-sized slab of this year’s cow elk shoulder on hand, and was in a hurry. After a crazy-busy few days, and with the fridge situation being a little desperate – I just needed some good food fast. And cooking while caring for a 8 month old Cheerio-eating cutie-pie is challenging – so I slammed this dish out in the time it took her to finish a dozen Cheerios. Sautéed some onion, garlic, ginger, and then the curry powder [the mutton one..]. In went the meat [unbrowned – no time]. In went a tiny can of coconut milk, a couple shots of Viet caramel sauce, and about a cup of water. Added a lid, tossed in the oven at 300-325, and proceeded to change diapers and get drooled on.

I took a picture of the meat because it was so astonishingly pleasant. In my haste, I cut it into what one might call ‘huge, unbecoming dice’. Pieces 2-3″ long and wide went in. But it was better off for it. You really got to enjoy the fall-apart tender aspect of the shoulder meat. Which is exciting for me, as I’m still in this ‘ah-ha’ stage of using cuts of game that benefit tremendously from slow cooking.

The recent deep freeze [-20C tonight] and ample snow has made me a little less than ambitious lately. Add some busy work, Christmas shopping, etc – and I just feel a little…behind. Today was a good catch-up day. I’m going to go pull a ‘Barefoot Contessa’ [or perhaps ‘Nigella Lawson’] and go raid the fridge. that elk was damn good….

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