A recent commitment to myself has been to diversify the meats I cook and serve, as the ready supply of game makes the menu around here a little…game-centric. When was the last time I served duck for example? Last Christmas – afterwhich I barfed my guts out all night with the flu. Which may explain that one. But that’s not the point. The point is, I love duck. I LOVE pork. I love chicken. I LOVE fish. But somehow, they don’t appear quite as often as they should at the table.

So times are changing. Today, I bought a whole leg of pork, a giant bone-in shoulder roast of beef, a whole duck, and a couple dozen chicken thighs. So tonight, I put together a quick chicken fricasee with cream sauce on sour cream and chive mashed yukon gold. A quick raid of the last of the salad greens. My wife loves this kind of food. I love my wife. God bless meat-versification.

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