Merry Herb Season!!

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Is this what you thought thyme would look like having emerged from 3 feet of snow, after a winter with -30C temperatures? Not I. There’s still lots of snow, but the thyme is against a south facing wall, and gets exposed in February. Last year, I couldn’t believe that it looked essentially as good as new. This year, I was prepared for it, and am making good use of it.

If things go as they did last year, the thyme will dry out and seemingly go dormant for a month or two prior to starting this year’s growth. So I’m making hay while the sun shines.

It pleases me to no end to post about gardening, and to get excited about fresh seasonal foods grown in my backyard. So inspiring. March to me screams fresh sage – as it’s the first to sprout new leaves in my herb bed. Oregano follows closely behind. So fresh herb season has arrived, and will carry on until next year’s winter snow shuts my supply and inspiration off, yet again.

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