Monday wine day!?

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Today I bought a case of wine. A case that I’d been planning to pick up for a while. It’s relevant to know that my self-proclaimed cheap-assness forcibly makes me a hardcore QPR-guy. QPR = Quality Price Ratio. See, I don’t mind spending a fair jag of dough on a bottle of wine, so long as I have some confidence that the wine is a good value at that price point. Same thing goes for low price points. It would drive me nuts to buy any wine, and know that for what I spent, I could have done far better. Today, I bought a bottle for $70. Many people would consider that laughably expensive. Some buy at that price point regularly. But because I am lucky enough to have a willing wine tasting group [therefore being able to justify the cost], and because Robert Parker scored it a 98 [providing confidence of good QPR], it becomes a ‘good value’. For context – they had a 100 point wine for $800. See? Cheap-assness requires you give up a couple points for $720. I think that’s reasonable.

Tonight I had the pleasure of tasting a wine of fantastic QPR. Robert Parker scored it a 91, and it costs $15.99 – and cheaper when you buy by the case. It is an unbelievably good value. I believe it’s the Rhone varietal ‘mourvedre’ grown in Spain. It’s a fruit bomb, so if that doesn’t appeal, avoid it. But if it does, it’s a big raspberry punch juice box, make-you-happy kind of wine, at a fantastic price. I’d have been pleased had I spent $25-35 on it. So take a peek at your local wine shop, and if you can find it, I don’t think you’d regret it. [It’s the one on the photo]. I’ll be buying more.

And once again: if you find a fantastic wine, buy more asap. Again and again today, my list of things to buy were confronted with ‘we’re sold out’. Very frustrating.

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