Moose Hunting 2006


This photo tells a lot about the hunt I had. What you see, is myself in the lovely blaze orange hat, and my cousin Darwin, being photographed by my dad. Behind us are 6 moose, 4 of which you can see in the picture. The black stuff behind Darwin’s head…a moose. The two between us in the photo are obvious, and there’s another less obvious one just above the front of my scope. What’s very noteable here, as most hunters would pick up on, is that we’re not even paying attention to them. Now normally, seeing a single moose is an occasion – nevermind this many at once. But we were already spoiled by this point. Jacques showed me more moose in two days than most would see in a lifetime before I finally felt good about a shot, and took the 67th moose we spotted. That’s right, 67 moose. In two days.

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