More Bread Oven Action

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I dug and washed a gazillion kilos of potatoes by myself this evening. The norland, yukon gold, and russian fingerling harvests are done. I’m hurting and tired. So today, I simply offer another cool bread oven to admire. The first was here.

I have to admit it would be cooler if this was my buddy’s back yard or something, but alas, it is not. If it was MY back yard, that would be SUPER cool. And if I had a lot of cool photos and a great story, that would also be cool. But I don’t. This one has been built at Fort Edmonton Park. That’s my story.

This week’s bread oven binge has certainly planted a seed in my brain to one day build one. A man can dream. And dreaming happens when sleeping. Which is exactly what I’m going to do.

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