More On [or Moron] Hunting

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More pictures, as promised. This is a cow and calf we caught in the open. I had told Jacques I wanted a ‘5 minute moose’ at 50-100 yards, meaning one that would sit there and let me gather my composure prior to shooting anything…for 5 minutes. Well it turns out that’s a tall order, so instead, I got a “1 minute, 220 yard moose”. So this is the calf I shot. I’m mean. But I’m eating part of the tenderloin tonight, and man this poor thing will be appreciated. At this time of year, the calves are still nursing, so it’s essentially wild ‘veal’.

In this area of the province, you can get a tag for a ‘late season’ bull moose. I had a calf tag. If I’d had a bull tag, it would not have taken 67 moose sightings to finally get one.

My dad had a White-Tailed Deer tag, but this guy was ‘not big enough’. Plus, we were looking for elk at the time. Lucky for the deer. I’ve got myself lined up for some venison this fall – can’t wait to give it a go in the kitchen to see how it compares to elk and moose.

And a confession: the worst part of hunting is killing something. The rest is fun. And eating it is great. But I don’t know that I’ll ever enjoy killing big animals.

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