More Root Cellar Bins

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Having been pleased to get rid of some of the scrap ‘destined to be repurposed’  wood out of my garage yesterday, I spent a couple hours of the cool morning to use up what used to be the main cold air return duct framing in our house. Bins for the cellar: 4. Waste: 0.

I’m also looking forward to having these bins come apple harvest time. Which amazingly enough, is not too far away.

3 Comments on “More Root Cellar Bins”

  1. A Canadian Foodie

    OK – tell me what you do with the apples wine wise. I have a great recipe that I make every fall if/when (I usually do) I get a hold of some small red tart crab apples called Pomette that I learned about when in Normandy, France, several years ago. It is easy and scrumptious… but not complicated. FIll a crock with the apples, cover it with vodka that has had a cup of sugar dissolved in it (usually it takes 1.75 litres of vodka, so it is a big crock – and then move it around a bit… (it must be sealed to be turned over) every two to three days and in three months it is incredible in a martini glass really cod with a twist of orange zest. YUMMY. I wrote about it in much more detail in a comment I left on Allan’s post.

  2. Kevin

    Valerie – I’ll be posting a fair bit of video during apple harvest/crush season coming up here in the next month and change. I make single-varietal apple wines, 100% juice, white-wine yeast strains, and have been aging them with oak. I’m a pretty big wine snob, and was absolutely shocked how good the stuff is. I built a crusher and pressing setup last year [I posted about it, it gets a lot of traffic in the fall], so I can turn 100 lbs of apples from tree to must in about 2 hrs, and am getting quicker. I’m looking forward to posting about this fall’s adventures, as it involves a few picking locations, a few different varietals, some different folks are involved – it’s going to be fun!

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