Mustard Crusted Pan Roasting

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Last night I tried a variation on my ‘steak au poivre’. I’d seen Cat Cora on Iron Chef America – Battle Ground Beef [okay, somewhat embarassing] crust red meat by slathering it in Dijon mustard prior to frying. It looked good and sounded good in theory, although I had a hard time picturing how frying mustard wouldn’t make a mess of the pan. So I tried it with a large piece of boneless Elk rib eye. I slathered the piece of meat in mustard – mustard that Pam’s grandma makes that’s quite sweet, and I think the sugar helped with the end result. But Dijon would likely be similar, and that’s next on my list of things to try. I then rolled the messy-with-mustard meat in cracked pepper like in ‘steak au poivre’. So not much innovation here…just added lots of mustard.

I fried it carefully, and the mustard crusted up amazingly. It was really a wicked smell that I’d never smelled in my own kitchen. I then stabbed it with my trusty probe thermometer, set the alarm for 150 degrees, and threw the pan in an oven at 350. [note: my pans are oven safe] In a half hour or so, it beeped, and I took it out to rest it [IMPORTANT] while I made the sauce. Same sauce concept as the previous recipe – the Cambozola one. It’s been good every single time.

The crust on the meat was something I’d never achieved. It was really good. I’ve never created a really dense crust on meat that’s as pleasant, chewy, dense, and tasty. Worthy of repetition. And sharing. And I’d be proud to serve it to guests, which means you may eat it here one day.

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