My Edible Garden Taking Shape

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Garden planning is at the bottom of the list of things I thought I’d ever get hardcore about. But it has consumed me. We bought a very average city lot in this area, which is 115 x 48 feet or so, and although I knew I’d have more room to garden, I didn’t realize how much. So I’ve been engulfed with the possibilities. Enraptured by the variety I didn’t know was available, largely due to a lot of new cultivars that have been bred to be hardy to our area that simply didn’t exist when I was a kid.

My mission: edible plants, featuring many native edibles. Barring very few exceptions [peonies], it made no sense to me to plant things that didn’t produce food. I also did not want to till my front and back yards into a vast sea of dirt for tidy rows of staple vegetables. Thankfully, my idea is not an original one, and in fact, there’s a company in town that specializes in such garden design. I’ve read most every book in the library on the topic of garden design. I’ve got a plan to scale that’s evolving more slowly as weeks pass. Edible it will be, and I’m hoping it can produce like crazy.

Now if only spring would arrive.

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