My First Haskap


Until a couple years ago, I’d never heard of these things. Haskap, or Blue Honeysuckle, became available through seed catalogs in the last couple years, and I figured I’d give them a go. I believe I have a Polar Jewel, and one other kind. They apparently are super-hardy, even the blossoms hardy well into freezing temperatures, and they clearly produce fruit in June – ahead of most other ‘blue fruit’. This is my first fruit, having planted them last spring.

These things are awesome – akin to a intensely flavored blueberry with a tart finish. I am a fan. I wish I had more. Lots more.  Who knew?

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  1. HankShaw says:

    I JUST looked at these things in a catalog of my brother-in-law’s last weekend! Cool-looking. I don’t think they will grow in our hot climate, though. And yes, there are lots of things that you actually cannot grow in California…

  2. I was given a tiny little jar of jelly as a going away present recently. I have not yet opened it. Waiting for some special occasion.


  3. Ferdzy says:

    Yeah, like Hank I saw these in a catalog for the first time this year. Okay, yet another fruit to squeeze into the garden. Where? *sigh* But it has to be done, obviously.

  4. This looks like my honeyberry. Are they the same thing? I will have to google it. What do you do with yours. So far, the birds are enjoying mine. I don’t have enough to do much with. They are very tart if picked before ripe. But, when picked at the right moment, mine are a really nice tart little bite without the sharpness that the extra ripening time has eliminated.

  5. Yes – they are the same. I have mine in the front yard garden. Two bushes (male and a female) and they have outgrown their spot and must be transplanted. So, what do you do with them. Now I really want to know!

  6. PS – I have had mine for 5 years… and it is just now taking off.

  7. Kevin says:

    Valerie – My plants are a couple years behind yours, so I’m JUST starting to get fruit. My use so far has been popping them into my mouth!! I’m working on getting 20 or so new bushes, and always have use for yard-berries – dried in granola or into a mixed-berry wine batch are what pop into mind if I had lots. Hm. Probably after I make some jam/jelly first..

  8. I have just begun cooking with haskaps. I live in Swift Current and Treasure Valley Farm U-Pick has them. Linda gave me a bag of frozen haskaps and I am just getting into it. So far, I have been successful with haskap squares, haskap bread pudding and haskap jam. Sauce is easy to make – just add sugar! Glad I found your site. I’ll add it to my favourites.

  9. Every once and awhile, a new cultivar for cherries or maybe apples will be released, creating excitement for an industry that has seen better days. It is maybe once in a lifetime that an entirely new fruit all together is released. Such is the case with haskap.
    It is the 1st fruit of the season and has at least double the antioxidents of blueberries, while significantly easier to grow. There are no male or female plants, but an unrelated cultivar is needed for best fruit set.

    HackShaw – you may be surprised at their ability to grow in California – Pure russian blue honeysuckle are doing fine in Florida.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    Val – if you plants are too big, now is a great time to move them .

    Our favourite product so far is the gelato that we have commissioned. We also have gourmet ice cream made with 16%m.f. that will give you a reason to get into better shape. You will need to after tasting it because it will be very hard to leave it alone – it is in our home. Vinergerettes are also fantastic. Remember 1/3 your choice of oil, 1/3 of your choice of vinegar, and 1/3 haskap concentrate. add your favourite fresh herbs ( thyme), salt and pepper to taste. Remember that haskap has a very intense flavour and not much is required to dress your salad – enjoy.

    Fall is the best time to plant haskap and we have a good supply for fall planting. Please visit our site and search our products for volume pricing and availability.

    May your season be a fruitful one!

  10. EBH says:

    Haskap Central, can you provide more detail on the pure russian blue honeysuckle that are doing fine in Florida. As far as I know, according to Bob Bors, this is their native habitat –

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