My poor neighbors

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I pretty sure I drive my neighbors crazy at times. This morning it was still dark, and I was on our back patio searing a serious amount of beef and some bacon. I live in an apartment, and the smells inevitably waft around. It’s worse when I’m smoking foods. It’s probably a love-hate thing, I’m guessing. It was, however, a moment that reminded me why to work at home: I can spend a half hour in the morning putting together a braise, and then it can cook away while I work. Then when lunch time comes, an awesome home-cooked meal awaits.

I’m hurting a bit this evening, and it’s probably from gardening. I aggregated and moved my asparagus to a new home in the garden. I moved some flowering plants – which I try to keep to a minimum to keep room for things I can eat. :) I also dug up my first crop of parsnips. The cold and snow are becoming imminent, and it’s time to do these kinds of things here.
I also bought a cool new antique compost bucket. Yeah, you read that right. I’ve been using a plastic pail to collect compost, and now I have a cool copper bucket to take its place. It will also make a fine ‘crachoir’ for spitting when wine tasting. I’m such a dork.

Another notable item: the first big game of the season hangs where we butcher. A big mule-deer buck. Someone else will be eating that one. But this week, my dad and hunting buddies will be heading out for bull moose, so I’ll be doing some butchering very soon. And in a few short weeks, we’ll be heading out for our calves. I can’t wait!! We actually ran out of big game this past week, and the supply has been short for a while. That may be the first time we’ve run out…ever.

Lastly, I finally dove into my pile of tasting notes, and got through a good half case or more of bottles. I haven’t uploaded them yet. I will after tackling another case or so.

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