Why I Need an Annual ‘Charcuterie Day’


Charcuterie Day - Sausage and Bacon It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that an annual ‘Charcuterie Day‘ marathon immediately following the annual ‘Pig Day‘ is in my future for a long, long time. Here’s why.


Beyond bacon [reason alone], I’m not concerned with the possibility of trichinosis in my extremely high quality bush-raised-and-handled-by-me pork and skipping right past freezing and into to curing and dry curing. Purists prefer this approach to frozen meats. I’m happy to have it an outcome of pragmatism. Having spent


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  1. Deb Krause says:

    Hams always get thrown into cure right away. I really got to start doing that for bacon…

  2. Thea says:

    Pigday. Deerday. Sunday. Charcuterday.

  3. Wow! Loads of work, but deeply satisfying. I’m a total newb – I’ve made heaps of sausage (which is SO much better than anything I’ve ever tried before), but haven’t cured/smoked anything. Hope to rectify that in future.

    P.S. – My kids still talk (and laugh) about your video on bacon – the one where your daughter hams it up at the end. We LOVE bacon so we can TOTALLY relate to her! :) It’s priceless.

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