Needed Mushrooms, Picked Mushrooms


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  1. Where did you find the hairy thing and how do you cook it?

  2. Let me tell you, folks, that after writing this question, I got to taste this fragrant beast. It keeps much more of its volume than the shaggy parasol and is absolutely delicious past imagination. The texture is compelling. YUMMY!
    So fragrant when just picked, too! Incredible. I feel very blessed with the opportunity I had to taste these tonight!
    Thank you, Kevin.

  3. Evelyn says:

    I’m envious of your ability to know what’s edible. One day I’ll have to spend some time figuring that out. It would go awesome with the steak, garlic and butter I’ve got available at the moment.

  4. It’s so nice to see someone harvesting the wild fungi!! I’ve had my Mushroom Hunter’s Guide for years & used to harvest them in the local park on my way home from College. You’ve revived my interest in harvesting my own again. Time to blow the dust off the Guide.

  5. doris says:

    Wild mushrooms do have a wonderful taste and the joy of going out and getting them is so satisfying. I love the smells,sights and wind just being out especially in a burned forest hunting for the elusive firemorel. That is really tasty as well as being a source of income if you can pick enough. Happy shrooming.

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