Not Part of the Garden Plan


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  1. A shade garden opportunity? :)

  2. wind? rain? ??? sad to see that happen to a tree!

  3. Judy Z. says:

    Think positive. Wood for your fire. If it is part of an apple tree or a maple you can dry the wood, chip it and use it to smoke meat. Consider it natures pruning. Hopefully it didn’t take out any of your garden,vehicles or house on the way down.

  4. Judy Z. says:

    PS I guess by the leaves it is not a maple. What kind of tree is it?

  5. Looks like one of the boulevard elm trees. Not supposed to keep the wood because of the risk of dutch elm disease but if you burn it immediately to grill soime meat, who would know?

  6. Kevin says:

    Bob – yep, blvd tree. The branch is green, so wouldn’t be burning it anytime soon…
    Judy – sadly, it did whomp on some perennials

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