Not your average Wednesday dinner…

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Chicken? Looks like it. Kinda. It’s actually an intact sac of Perch roe. I remember seeing it cooked on a rare occasion or two back when I was a kid, but have never touched the stuff in my kitchen. I had a quick conversation about the copious amounts of roe in the fish my dad’s been catching with Pam’s grandmother. She said they always ate it, and that it was quite good. I asked how they prepared it, and sounds like you treat as you would fish flesh. Easy enough. Tonight I split open a fish, and couldn’t bare to throw out the roe. Had to give it a shot.
Admitedly, I was a little reluctant to dive in, but I gave it a go anyway. And I’m glad I did. It’s actually really nice. It tastes extremely mild – even less so than the meat of the fish, and it kind of has the texture of couscous. Nothing nasty and unpleasant about it at all. Crazy. What’s additionally odd, is this sac of roe is nearly as massive as the meat on the bones. So definitely a ‘bonus’ when you slice one open and find out it’s female.
I think this would be a cool menu item to pair with a delicate white wine.
Probably would make me fertile or something if I ate the sperm sac out of the male fish. But I’m not going to do that. I think I’m fertile enough. Plus, I think I’m a little too heterosexual to be eating sperm sacs. Although I’d probably eat a testicle.

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  1. Chad

    Is the last paragraph a conversation you were having with yourself in your head and it somehow made it onto the blog?
    I like it.

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