Nouveau Beef-onomics


Pork, then antelope, then pork, then moose, then pork, now beef. I’m at the point now that when finished cleaning down after butchering I lightly dread the next. Until I’m into the next one, that is – at which point it’s fun again. This one was particularly exciting as I’d long wanted to pick up a front quarter of top quality beef to appease my love for braised beef and big red wine – and Nature’s Green Acres

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  1. No doubt a good deal.
    I find beef stock, home made, an incredible value added part of the deal. 10L of soup/stock will make some fantastic meals by itself.

  2. bruce king says:

    Scalding and scraping only takes 15-20 minutes if it’s done at a prepared location. Carefully skinning a full sized beef would take about the same. There are also scalder-dehairer machines that doe a great job in about 10 minutes. Using a propane torch is faster than a water scald as well. The tongans that came for their thanksgiving pig ( ) were done in about 10 minutes.

    I’d guess the issue is one-size fits all prizing. they’re so used to dealing with 1200 pound steers that they’ve priced for that size animal. My mobile slaughter guys can’t weigh the animal in the field, so a price based on weight would be unwieldy.

  3. Kevin says:

    CH – Indeed.
    BK – I’m surprised it’s that quick with the pigs. I agree that it’s likely a relative size kind of pricing, which distributed over a lot of lbs on a regular-aged cow would spread a long way. I’ve just discovered a local organic grower does farm kills. I’m hoping to get him talking about it on video this winter.

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  5. This would be more like veal stock, wouldn’t it? I bow to you on this one. Can we go in with you next year on one of these, or are you booked? I want the stock and the bones and the veal and a baby cow. I would even buy the whole thing if it was veal meat… I cannot find good veal. But, how could this be mutually beneficial? Every arrangement must be. Hmmm… I make your veal stock, too? Doesn’t look like you need any help there. I do the clean up for all your butchering operations. That is a possibility – but still doesn’t sound like an equal “deal”. We will have to come up with something IF you can fit us in on all this. I wanted to do it this year, but you got booked up so fast.
    I am really thinking off the cuff here, but wonder if they would have a little puppy ready for an April 30th butchering at an up and coming conference I have heard of.

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