One Month Early

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Mission accomplished? My goal at the onset was to produce garden produce earlier than normal for my growing zone. How much earlier was to be determined, but my goal was a month prior to the May long weekend, when baby greens normally start to supply our kitchen. Today is that month prior. How did it go?

I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed. I thought we’d be drowning in greens by now. But the little guys are just starting to size up. With the forecast finally calling for solid sun and more close to seasonal temps, I think I’m about a week out. It’s been a surprisingly below-normally-cold spring so far, with very late access to defrosted ground because of the ridiculous winter snow fall. Memorably so.

So success. Although not quite where I figured I’d be, I’m pleased with the outcome nonetheless. I figure in a normal year, this result could very well be a couple weeks, earlier. A warm year, earlier still.

Below: Claytonia [miner’s lettuce], a transplant started indoors in March, the bottom ones direct sown into a cold frame. Evidence that sowing indoors when it’s -20C pays dividends.

3 Comments on “One Month Early”

  1. John Schneider

    Looking great Kevin…yes quite the spring or lack thereof. Last year there was people seeding in the fields on this day. We were out in the fields cultivating on April 19th. Nice to see some green though!

  2. A Canadian Foodie

    Considering the weather – you ARE on target as you will most definitely be at least a month ahead of the rest of us. What a cold and late Spring!

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