Onion, I’ve Got Your Back

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Some people get excited about growing orchids, I get excited about growing onions. If there’s a vegetable that I depend on more in the kitchen, I’m not sure what it is. Doesn’t matter which culture of cuisine: onions. I think onions ended up being pretty un-sexy in the grand scheme of things. They store well, they can be pretty cheap – not much to get excited about…

But a few years ago, my dad grew an unusually sexy [don’t tell him I used that word] crop of white spanish onions – oblong type. Loved picking them and getting them into dishes – they screamed to be cooked with. That got me growing onions. Then last year, a friend hooked me up with many-months’-use worth of wicked garlic she grew that made me question why I had yet to grow my own. I complained for years about the poor quality of garlic available. No more. I digress.

Onions aren’t rocket science to grow, and judging by the fact that sets are sold at home depot, I’m guessing a fair number of people grow their own – which is great. But rarely do I find the soul who’s standing up for them, so I shall bear that burden. White truffle, be damned! Onion comes first.

3 Comments on “Onion, I’ve Got Your Back”

  1. A Canadian Foodie

    Standing ovation. Let me know how your garlic grows. I wrote a sonnet for the one I bought last year at Sundogs Organic Farm. If I could grow them like that, I would!

  2. Kevin

    Jeff – I guess.
    Valerie – the garlic has been a rock star this year, but I’ve never harvested it, so have zero idea what I may get when I pull them up. I’m sure I’ll post about it though..

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