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Masonry Kitchen a Go This Year?


My temp oven and grill setup has been inspiring. It made my perhaps slightly ambitious project illustrated below feel more doable, less intimidating. And as seems to happen in December and January, I’ve become obsessed with a project which, like last year, is this masonry project. It essentially is an outdoor kitchen, built entirely of reclaimed masonry. Yes, mostly free. The key elements are a wood fired oven, chimneyed fireplace, and posts for a pergola that will attach to the house, spanned by concrete counter

Dry Stacked WFO V1.0 Drawings & Specs


I know from experience that any specifics on building wood ovens and grills is appreciated by those collecting ideas for their own build, so upon requests in the comments of previous posts about it, I’m providing drawings and additional information here for those that have  requested it. I’ll just keep adding to it as requests come in.

Total Cost: ~$30 + gas to haul the mostly free masonry. Not including my time, of course.

Total Time: 3 hours. From having piles of masonry around the yard

Exploring the Sub-Optimal Wood Fired Oven


You too can do this. Score some free cinder blocks, bricks, and pavers on a site like this. You could buy them retail, I guess. But really, that’s just less fun. Use your lego skills and build yourself an oven. Heck, use some mud.

But know something. You would be entering a world of geekdom, and for many of its inhabitants, my current trajectory of free-style-dry-stack is the path to the dark side.

For a reason I’m still not sure

Firewood Bee 2011


The past two days of my life have been consumed by firewood. Yep, post-holiday madness others are fiddling with their i-gizmos and I’m hauling wood. It was the best Christmas present I got. Turns out mentioning my need for wood at a family gathering yielded an offer I couldn’t refuse, and even though masonry had already kicked my butt sufficiently, I was shortly thereafter hauling wood past fatigue. I have a weak spot for ‘free’.

I spent today stashing piles of split and

Dry Stacked Wood Fired Oven & Grill


I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow morning.

This morning, inspired by my recent temp masonry grill setup which still pleased me greatly, I thought ‘how could I use the masonry I have been collecting to build a temp oven‘. If you ever have that thought, just know in advance that if you act on it, you will be sore and tired, especially if it’s colder than -20C the day you decide to do it.

Dry stacking [sans mortar] has its merits.

The Temp


I was doing dishes. Thinking, ‘it would be nice to have a fire this evening‘. I’d spent the morning knocking down some excess trees and dead wood on our lot. Wood was on the brain. But my usual setup [a re-purposed bbq], albeit sufficiently functional for cookery, is far from romantic to sit around for the evening. ‘If only I had something I could put a fire on‘, thought I.  There was lots of snow. It didn’t even have to be that intelligent a setup

It’s Time to Dig = It’s Time to Share

Despite the trillion hours of work I’ve put into this project in R&D, I have yet to post about it. But today. Today the gas company sent someone over to take a look at the project and okayed it. Earlier this week the municipal Planning & Development office okayed it. The due diligence ended today. The research is done. The oodles of scale drawings are complete. It’s time to dig.