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Apple-wood-smoked Berkshire Bacon


Charcuterie item #1 from my Berkshire hog is in the bag: Bacon. Apple-wood smoked bacon, to be precise. Perhaps of all my bacon-achievements, this is my proudest. It was my first smoking in my new yard, with apple pruned from my very apple tree, smoking pork that a friend and I butchered with our very […]



I have Michael Ruhlman to thank for getting me making bacon at home. I will forever be indebted. I also must thank Gracianne, Maryann, and Yen for prodding me to post about it. It’s been a long time coming. Yen had wanted to get his hands dirty and learn how I did it, so with […]

Some particularly nice Elk Tenderloin and Bacon


My mourning of my last PC has passed, and its replacement has arrived. New computers feel fresh and clean and fast and a bit like taking a tylenol when you have a bit of a headache. The photo: Monday night’s dinner after a day of yawns-ville seminars. Some pan-roasted marinated cow elk tenderloin with some […]

Bacon, tenderloin, chanterelles, oh my!


From front to back on the plate: sautéed chanterelles, bacon [home-made] wrapped calf moose tenderloin, evans cherry [from a friend of mine] compote, mashed potato [garden] with chive [from Sonora island], and a baby romaine salad with a vinaigrette made from my new red wine vinegar. I’d never combined bacon and game. Surprise, surprise. It’s […]



I smoked about 7 lbs of bacon today. I must say that starting a fire with dried sage branches from your garden, and tending to a charcoal fire at dawn is a very pleasant experience. The result this time was fantastic. I’d get into more about how this is done, but I lack the time. […]

Smoking Bacon


I had a bit of a breakthrough in my food-smoking technique today. I used to start my fires by lighting the hardwood charcoal with the propane flame. Today, I pulled out my inner boyscout and figured I’d just build a fire as one normally would, and build my charcoal fire on the heat of the […]

Maple Bacon


I just washed down from curing 3 nice slabs of pork belly. I showed up at my source for said hunks of loveliness, and they had hogs quartered lengthwise, a few of them, laid out on the counter. The butcher eventually broke from his conversation, in chinese, long enough to help me, the lone customer […]

Bacon and Venison


I smoked bacon in -24 and snow today. Far more enjoyable in the fall, but seems to have worked okay nonetheless. Cured pork belly is not near as good as its smoked counterpart. It’s not just the smoke – in this case, hickory. It’s a texture thing too – it firms it up, changes the […]

Why I Need an Annual ‘Charcuterie Day’


It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that an annual ‘Charcuterie Day‘ marathon immediately following the annual ‘Pig Day‘ is in my future for a long, long time. Here’s why. Bacon. Beyond bacon [reason alone], I’m not concerned with the possibility of trichinosis in my extremely high quality bush-raised-and-handled-by-me pork and skipping right past freezing and […]

Cob Oven Bread


I’m not sure quite what to say about the fact that I’ve had this lovely oven for months now, and today was the first time I actually intentionally baked bread. In my defense, I shall say: pizza, roast and braised meats, pies, loaves, deep frying, and smoked bacon. It’s interesting that a lot of folks […]