Shaggy Mane Hunt – 2010

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This photo is an epic one illustrating the dark side of the force relative to shaggy manes. These things get goopy, black, inky, drippy, disgusting, and look like the dude at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark melting to their doom. And it happens shockingly fast. So the trick to foraging this mushroom is not just knowing where … Read More

Field Kitchen Kit

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Earlier in the week I was cooking a few courses of wild game with Jeff Senger for Knifewear’s annual manager’s meeting in Calgary, and I hauled along my field cookery kit – I was in a hurry and know this kit will bail me out when it’s time to feed people. It needed some repacking and restocking so I figured … Read More

Wild Mushrooms: had to go back for more

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How I got to my 30’s without knowing the wild agaricus genus of mushroom, I will never know. Agaricus Bisporus is the button mushroom you find at the box stores – so are criminis and portabellos. Agaricus Campestris [seen here, and posted about yesterday], whose common name is ‘field mushroom’ is a still-wild relative. It will be added to my … Read More

Urban Mushroom Foray

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I’ve been humbled. I knew I didn’t know much when it came to local mushroom – I tend to focus on what I know to be safe: shaggy parasols and shaggy manes – but I didn’t realize what I knew was simply a blip in the insanely geeky, mysterious, intriguing, and often tasty world of wild mushrooms. Last night was … Read More

Tasting Menu of Pronghorn Antelope

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Having agreed to butcher an antelope as a favor to my dad, I found myself with an entire animal worth of cuts in my freezer. I had very little experience with it. Yen had never tried it. So clearly – clearly, it was time to do a multi-course tasting menu of Pronghorn Antelope. Seared & Super-Blue Proghorn Loin I’ve been … Read More