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Shaggy Mane Hunt – 2010


This photo is an epic one illustrating the dark side of the force relative to shaggy manes. These things get goopy, black, inky, drippy, disgusting, and look like the dude at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark melting to their doom. And it happens shockingly fast. So the trick to foraging this mushroom […]

Lunch-hour Foraging


A couple days ago a reader offered to meet up to go for a foray in the University area on her lunch hour. Lunch-hour urban foraging, the concept alone I couldn’t turn down. Take THAT all you ‘I don’t have time people!! Now granted her co-workers think she’s strange for foraging for her lunch, but […]

Wild Mushrooms: had to go back for more


How I got to my 30’s without knowing the wild agaricus genus of mushroom, I will never know. Agaricus Bisporus is the button mushroom you find at the box stores – so are criminis and portabellos. Agaricus Campestris [seen here, and posted about yesterday], whose common name is ‘field mushroom’ is a still-wild relative. It […]

Urban Mushroom Foray


I’ve been humbled. I knew I didn’t know much when it came to local mushroom – I tend to focus on what I know to be safe: shaggy parasols and shaggy manes – but I didn’t realize what I knew was simply a blip in the insanely geeky, mysterious, intriguing, and often tasty world of […]

Saucisson Sec, Two Ways


These batches were put up on Tuesday [Mar 29]. I find I have to write about this kind of thing or I simply lose track of when they were made, which makes it a bit hard to remember how long they’ve been aging and how they’ve responded to temp, humidity, etc. Both are essentially Ruhlman’s […]

Elk Brési w/ Wild Mushrooms & Labrador Tea


When butchering this cow elk in late November, I noticed how particularly perfect the shape and size of the eye of round would be for dry curing. No wonder it’s been done for eons. As usual, here I am, not innovating. As I had run out of my first ‘test batch’, it was time for […]

Pork Butchering 2010 – Nature’s Green Acres


This fall, I’m going to be butchering 4 pigs from 3 different local farms – Irvings Farm Fresh, Nature’s Green Acres, and Peck N Berry Acres – all in my garage. 1.5 of them will be for my family, the rest for folks that are cutting meat with me – and a first this time […]

Tasting Menu of Pronghorn Antelope


Having agreed to butcher an antelope as a favor to my dad, I found myself with an entire animal worth of cuts in my freezer. I had very little experience with it. Yen had never tried it. So clearly – clearly, it was time to do a multi-course tasting menu of Pronghorn Antelope. Seared & […]