Pho: Part I

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I have great respect for Vietnamese cuisine. For some reason, among the asian cuisines I’ve been exposed to, I’m drawn to it the most. Maybe I’m more ethnocentric than I think and it’s only because they were once colonized by the French, my European cuisine favorite. Or not. I’m a big fan of the clean, fresh, savoury, transparent, and crisp vibe to the food. Not much fanciness. Just good food done properly.

I’ve recently become a student of Phở – a Vietnamese noodle soup in beef broth. At what is in my opinion the best Vietnamese restaurant in town, I tried both the Northern and Southern Vietnamese variations. Both excellent. After much discussion about flavour profiles, differences, and similarities, I had to try it at home.

So today I bought a cheap duck and a slab of cheap beef and made stock, jacking it up very slightly with star aniseed, onion, szechuan peppercorn, and black peppercorns. Stock, I can do. I love the pace of stock. 9 hours of love. And although some aromatics may vary, the meats don’t vary much cross-culturally, and the process is much the same.

So soon, likely tomorrow, I will post pictures and a review of my resulting bowl of noodles. I am on a mission to become adept at this. Can’t wait.

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