Pickled White Fish

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Apologies for the post-sparseness – with spring finally arriving, my ambitious gardening plans have me leaping into action every spare moment I have. I’d be staining my fence right now were it not raining.

Pickled fish. I fall into a rare category of ‘like’ with pickled fish, as most are solidly in ‘love’ or ‘hate’ camps – most having the hate on. And honestly, I get it. Mushy fishyness isn’t my bag either. But this is not that.

One day, a farmer who pickles white fish by this recipe visited my dad. My dad is in the ‘love’ camp, and quickly declared it the best he’d ever had. My goose-hunting-uncle, also in the same ‘love’ camp, declared the same. My dad had a connection with a commercial whitefish fisherman [I didn’t know that existed]. And the mission was on to pickle a whack of white fish. Not so much my mission, but one that I eagerly jumped on board for.

So a couple weeks ago, I was in my dad’s garage helping fillet about 100 lbs of fish. It was then salt cured. Then spent a few days in vinegar. Then two weeks in the final brine with some onion. The result? First, and foremost – a pleasant texture. Certainly the best that I too, have had. And nearly as important, it has no fishiness, but a very bright, acidic, pickle flavor that is also very pleasant. Good thing. Cause it looks like I have a few quarts of pickled fish to eat…

3 Comments on “Pickled White Fish”

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