Pig Butchering, Round 3


First pig of the year was from Nature’s Green Acres. Second from Peck N  Berry Acres. This third round was from Irvings Farm Fresh – this time 2 pigs. This is decidedly my last pig butchering of the year because quite frankly, I’m tired of butchering pigs. Thankfully, it went extremely quickly – nearly twice as quickly as expected thanks to Allan‘s help. For those wondering why on earth we eat so many pigs, only one of these was our ‘annual


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  1. jeff says:

    what are the little strips in the bottom photo? strips of skin or fat or something?

    looks very good.

  2. Greg – me too.
    Jeff – crackling – the skin from the chop cut off and thrown back onto the grill to crisp up.

  3. Barry says:

    Oh man Crackling……. little slice of absolute heaven. I’ve seen folks sprinkle brown sugar on the crackling while its crisping up on the grill… Smokey, sweet, bliss…

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  5. Kevin… I think this is the day Allan was with you… and he mentioned that it was a “delicious” lunch, too… I wonder if I could eat the animal in the middle of the butchering. It would depend upon the smell. As a child, when we butchered the chickens, I could smell that smell in all of the cooked chickens for ever after ward, and didn’t eat any for years…
    I have “grown up”, but have not butchered my own animals, so I wonder.

  6. Valerie – to me, handling a half hog is not much different than handling a pork roast – it’s just a bigger cut. But I agree with you regarding a fresh kill. All animals I’ve ever killed have distinctive smells that stick around for a while – I find until the animal’s chilled off for a day or two or frozen. But I can assure you, a pig butchering episode smells of little but pork chop.

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