Pig Day, 2011


Pig Day‘ as it’s known around here is the big day we cut pigs to supply us for the year. We buy no other pork. If we run out, we wait for the next pig day. And we pretty much had run out, so I was particularly excited to get my hands on a whole hog again. And it was a big hog this time – 250 lbs. The fantastic farmers had agreed to keep the pigs a good month and a half past the


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  2. Deb Krause says:

    my mom grew up on a farm where they had their own chickens and cows for milk and meat and pigs (all of which they butchered themselves)
    i sometimes forget that she grew up milking cows and butchering their own animals, skills that i largely haven’t developed. i can butcher and clean chickens. i’ve never milked a cow or goat. if i was faced with butchering a pig tomorrow, i could probably fumble my way through it, but i essentially have no skills in that area. chickens are quite a bit smaller and dont have as many parts to deal with…
    it’s really great to see that you’re taking the time to develop skills in areas that are largely a mystery to the rest of the “developed” world.

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