Poached Egg Salad Sandwich with Creminis

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I don’t do poached eggs enough.

I remember ‘poaching’ eggs in rapidly boiling water for a guest. It took me a while to figure out that the active water essentially blasted apart the egg. Thankfully I’m beyond that now.

I also tend to remember a scene from ‘Wickedly Perfect‘ that runs through my head while prepping to poach: Bobby Flay knocking a cook for not acidulating their water. Haven’t forgot to do that since.

This was a seriously good dish. 4 poached farm eggs with molten yolks, 1 slab of ciabatta, a bunch of creminis, and a handful of dressed greens. So good. So simple, but so good.

I also must share a mushroom cooking technique. I tried it for the first time the other night based on a suggestion for the kidney dish. Tbsp or two of butter, and a tbsp or two of water, on med-high heat. With a lid. Am I the only one that hadn’t done it like this before? I ended up with a perfectly cooked mushroom with loads of caramelized outside. Evenly cooked. Tasty. I did it again for this sandwich. 2 for 2. Am I the only one??!?

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