Poultry-nomics: Peck & Berry Acres vs. Hutterite supply


I have, by most standards where I live anyway, an unusual meat supply. I’m not trying to be special or exclusive. I’m just trying to be sensible. Wine tasting my butt off for a few years taught me two important lessons that I now apply to meats: ‘Quality/Price’ ratio, and ‘love thy small producer’. So I choose a small local producer I like, buy direct [good QPR required], buy the animals whole, butcher them myself, and win on both the quality AND price fronts. Yes. Yes it does


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  1. Love the economics! I really try to get my students to look at this all of the time. Really loved going to the Hutterite Farms as a kid, and taking my students there as a teacher…. you brought back a couple of memories.

  2. And I want to add – critically important to teach your kids who your farmer is! can you tell I am enjoying my morning by reading your posts?

  3. Kevin says:

    Valerie – really? How were the hutterite farms’ practices, in general? Do you recall?

    And yes, I can tell you’ve been reading away – I’ve been busy replying to your zillion comments!! :)

  4. Jordan says:

    I found your website through another Edmonton blogger and am enjoying the gardening posts. I’ve bought two pigs through Alan Irving and I have to say they’re quite delicious. The economics aren’t bad either. When everything is said and done about $4/lb for Berkshire, which is quite reasonable. I end up cutting up the whole pig myself and making bacon/hams out of it. The best part is they have great facilities at the farm to butcher your own pig if you don’t have the tables, space, etc…

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