Proof That I’m Crazy: Viticulture In Edmonton

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It’s time I start talking about it. I’m a tad crazy. Perhaps overly optimistic. UPS delivered the hardware for my grape trellises today, and the galvanized wire went up. The hardware had to come from the US, because, well, basically growing grapes locally just doesn’t happen. Because most other people aren’t crazy. After so much research and planning, it is very rewarding to finally be ready for planting.

My grapes arrive this week from reputable Quebec growers Alain Breault & Mariette Lagueux. They were referred to me by long-time grape grower Bert Dunn. These fine folks are proof that I’m not the only crazy one growing grapes in the previously grape-less north. And fortunate for me, much research has resulted in new north-hardy grape varietals. And if James Lovelock is right, I should have California’s climate here in a couple decades anyway…so I’m just…thinking ahead. Nah…just crazy.

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