Saskatoon Picking: Day 2

No, apparently the 75 lbs of berries picked Friday was not enough. We’d committed to at least giving the crop one more shot before resigning the bulk of it to the birds and rot. My earlier estimates of there being 200-300 lbs of berries was revised today to perhaps 1000-2000. So we optimized. The bushes at the ends of the rows produced larger, more plentiful fruit. So we focused on them, milking them like a cow. We skipped small and even medium sized fruit, or bushes with sparse fruiting. Only small-grape-sized would do. 63% more efficient harvest this way – and the two of us left the patch this morning with ~120 lbs of berries – adding up to a whopping total of 200 lbs over the two days. Shocking. Begging the question: what the F do you do with that many Saskatoons??!? You’ll see.

ps. In most parts, these are called Serviceberries or Juneberries. Such nice names. Here though, I think ‘Julyberry’ would be more correct.

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