Saucisson Sec – Day 1

I’ve been watching temp and RH stats for months, carefully spreadsheeting and graphing them. Getting a sense of when a natural window of 15C or less with 60+% humidity existed in my cellar. Well it has arrived. I never guessed that my optimal dry curing season would be summer, but indeed it is. Some ham is being salted. Two batches of saucisson sec were made – the one I’d intended with pork, plus another batch in similar style with calf elk. Notes to self: 1) one batch of sausage in a morning is plenty; 2) thank god I ground all my pork for sausage ahead of time this last time we butchered, as it will make life easier on sausage day; 3) this would have been more enjoyable with an extra set of hands.

Will this flop into a pile of mushy mold? Will it be sublime? Only time will tell!!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Kevin

    Love the blog – I will be having my own pigs soon and am a lifelong fan of saucisson. Can you explain how you get the white outside of the saucisson – this for me is a must and sets it apart from any other salami or sausage.

    Many thanks


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