Shaggy Mane Season 2007

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I look forward to this every year. I grew up eating these [coprinus comatus] – the extended family piling into a van or truck and hunting the countryside, picking boxes of them. There’s an urgency about picking shaggy manes. Not only is the season narrow and weather dependent, but they will ‘ink’, turn black, and essentially rot within hours of picking. So you have to clean them and cook them right away. They have a distinct, fragrant aroma, and are more on the delicate side flavor-profile-wise. Last year, I enjoyed them tremendously on scrambled eggs – as Italians would do with truffles. It’s a good backdrop to enjoy the nuance. This wasn’t a big picking, maybe enough for a meal, but it’s the first picking of what likely will be many. It’s been a wet August, which bodes well for a plentiful harvest in September. More on this as more of them enter my kitchen.

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