Smoky Valley Goat Cheese – Feta


No, their goat feta is not pink. It’s fantastically textured, confidently salty – but decidedly not pink [it was the roasted forono and bull's blood beets' fault]. We’ve recently had feta from what I thought would be  a fairly good source: the Italian Centre [I heart the ICS]. But this stuff killed it. No competition. The more I try their products, the more I wonder how exactly Holly is knocking it so out of the park with so many of her cheeses, so early on – as they’re really new to the local cheese game. And don’t you worry. I’ll  be there soon enough to find out why on camera for you.

Speaking of local farms, the footage has begun, my calendar is packing up with farm visits during an exciting harvest season, and there’s only a couple producers I’m waiting to hear back from before I’m pulling back the reigns and getting down to a heavy shooting and editing schedule. The latest addition: Sunworks Farm.

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  1. This looks amazing. Would love a recipe to replicate it at home. Can’t buy anything so exotic in my little city.

  2. Kevin says:

    Sarah – basic concept is to roast the beets whole, covered, until softened. Dice up feta and beets [peeled post-roast] to roughly same size. Dress with a basic vinaigrette [I used cold pressed canola oil], season, and off you go. You can vary it however you’d like from there. Hope that helps!

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