Smoky Valley Goat Cheese – St. Maure


I’m starting to find it charming how small producers of food stuffs often could use a hand in the marketing department. Smoky Valley Goat Cheese lacks a slick veneer of branding, and their website’s lovely description of their St. Maure seems to come directly from another website. Their sales pitch at their new place at the City Market Downtown needs work. But if one’s judging by the taste alone, it doesn’t matter.

We purchased their St. Maure Saturday morning and it is a lovely piece of


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  1. Jeff K says:

    “St. Maure is from Touraine”. I was gonna say!

  2. Thank you for this review, Kevin! I was there the past two weeks – and still had some Fairwind Farms goat cheese the first week. Yesterday I bought their creamier one, and have not dug into it yet – but you are so right about the marketing.I was asking the about it, and the response was that they are both good – there was no description of how each differs in flavour, and the stress was that there was no goat flavour at all. So, this will now be my choice next time – all because of you. :)
    Love your new site

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  5. amy manning says:

    I’ve attempted making this cheese with my goat milk but it didn’t taste right. I may attempt it again now that I read your description of it.

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