Some particularly nice Elk Tenderloin and Bacon

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My mourning of my last PC has passed, and its replacement has arrived. New computers feel fresh and clean and fast and a bit like taking a tylenol when you have a bit of a headache.

The photo: Monday night’s dinner after a day of yawns-ville seminars. Some pan-roasted marinated cow elk tenderloin with some made-yesterday black pepper smoked bacon on the last of the garden potatoes and some in-season asparagus. I make this kind of food a lot, as you likely know, but this execution turned out particularly well. Cooking the tenderloin whole helps a great deal, the marinade didn’t hurt [garlic, scrap bacon skin, red wine vinegar, red wine, black peppercorns], and the bacon was crispy for some textural contrast.

Didn’t hurt that it was paired with a 2004 Chateau Fonbadet, I suppose. Which was followed by a 2005 Torbreck Woodcutter’s Shiraz. Which, fortunately, was NOT followed by a headache through the next day of yawns-ville seminars. Must be the new computer.

ps – I’m working on a post about the bacon making. Finally documented the process for some bacon-blog-action.

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