Steak Sandwich

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I cook a lot. It’s a noteable occasion when I’m amazed by a particular dish. And I just was. By a steak sandwich.

Okay, so it was a prime piece of Bison loin, but I don’t think it matters.

Basic premise:
– a good chunk of steak + a lot of kosher salt and coarse pepper
– A mediocre hunk of baguette/italian/french bread, sliced lenghtwise
– garlic butter [2 tbsp butter, 1 sm clove garlic minced, pinch salt, bit of minced parsley] cooked gently just to cook the garlic a bit.
– a glass of decent red wine

Grill on a very hot grill. While you’re at it, toast the bread. When bread’s ready, brush the bread with the garlic butter. When you flip the steak, brush done side with a bit of garlic butter. If you get the doneness right on both – you’re in for a treat.

I had mine with some onion confit with a french ‘quatre épices’ spice blend. I also tried it with horseradish, and beet relish my mom made. All excellent. But it will be a fine treat on its own. My cabernet sauvignon heavy 05 blend paired ridiculously well – which is promising for me with the upcoming bounty of hunting season.

Basic premise: good steak + garlic toast + red wine = holy crap it’s good.

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