Steelhead Trout 2 Ways


I’m a pretty big fan of Steelhead Trout. I know. It’s farmed. And yes, I’ve made fun of Walmart for labeling it ‘Steelhead Salmon’. But it tends to be a good value, and I dig any fish even closely resembling trout or salmon.

Night One. My wife suggested I poach it. Did I? No. I pan fried it. Looks nice, but was okay. And man, when you’re showing your home in an effort to actually sell it, this is NOT a dish to be making. Talk about fishy smelling odors. Yucka.

So on night two, still from the same fillet, I actually listened to my wife and poached it. Poached fish doesn’t seem to be something that people do a lot at home, and I don’t get it. I creates a giant margin for error on doneness, and preserves the delicate moistness that I love so dearly in fish. Screw roasting and baking and everything else [except maybe deep frying..], poach that fish!!

In this case, the fish was atop what I like to call a ‘grain and veg mush’. Yeah, been making a tad too much baby food around here. Brown rice, red lentils, mirepoix and red pepper brunoise.

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