The big masonry kitchen project shows its face again


Some of you might remember this. 2-3 years ago, I came up with the mad idea of building a huge-assed [17+' wide] masonry wall of kitchen awesomeness in my back yard. Did all the research. Drew all the plans. Had them approved by the city and the gas company [crossing a gas line, not because anything's gas fuelled]. Then, decided that tackling it the year we had a newborn in the house was likely not the responsible thing to do. So it got shelved.

I then built ‘the temp‘, re-purposing the stack of cinders and bricks intended for ‘the big project’ to make them less in the way and more useful. Turns out the temp was a resounding success. 3 hour time investment gave me a wood oven and wood fire grill that will have lasted 15 months or so. But alas, the heat took its toll on the pavers in the design [see photo top left], which has compromised the structural integrity, as well as the usability of the temp. The temp will be seeing its last day standing today.

Which leaves me with two masonry-wood-fire projects. 1 – the big project. The shovel has hit the dirt to dig foundation. I have no idea when I’ll finish, but am taking the first steps in the journey. Keep telling myself Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s a bit daunting, but very exciting. 2 – the temp 2.0. I need a setup in the interim built elsewhere in the yard where it won’t be in my way. I believe it will be a cob oven and smaller wood grill. We’ll see what comes of that project. I see muscle soreness in my future.

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  1. Sherri says:

    We are VERY excited to see your project come together! We’ll be anxiously following your progress… My husband and I have been reading through the archives of your blog to learn more about wood fired brick ovens and we have been really impressed with your cooking/smoking experiences. I have a post on freecycle at the moment to request reclaimed/old brick/blocks and am asking around, so hopefully over the next few months we will collect enough to make our own project come alive :) Thanks for the time and energy invested in your blog – you have inspired us and taught us tremendously useful skills (not to mention you have helped us find amazing local food). Cheers and happy brick laying!

  2. Marcus says:

    This looks really great. I have something similar in mind, but with a smoker tagged onto it as well. Looking forward to updates on your progress!

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