The Last [Root Cellar] Supper


I’m out. April 16th will mark the 2011 date that I ran out of 2010 garden veg in the root cellar. Turns out in one meal, I ran out of potatoes, carrots, and beets – all at the same time.

Things may have been able to hold out longer, but quality was definitely starting to suffer. In best shape were the carrots – still crisp and earthy. The beets had held on incredibly, but recently hit a wall and cratered in quality quickly. Perhaps the


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  1. Fantastic!
    And, now you can buy from the markets as they are all up and coming… look at this small window until growing season. Next year – you will make it past then, no doubt. Heart skewers? I am surprised. I would think it would be rubbery and tough. But, it is antelope….

  2. I am thrilled to have a cold room (not exactly a root cellar, I guess) in my new to me house. Just planted seeds today in my brick planter cum cold frame! As it continues to snow. But the soil was warm.

  3. Brooke says:

    This is amazing Kevin! It still astounds me that what you grow in your own plot can last this long. I reeeaally need a cold room. (And also to be less lazy).

  4. Very exciting to hear you made it this far! I was in the garden last night planting onions with my daughter and shoveling the last of the melting snow onto where (I think!) I planted spinach seeds last week. While rooting about the garage I found some old storm windows which will be converted into a cold frame for next year over the summer.

  5. SherryGreens says:

    Very inspiring, very inspiring indeed.

  6. [...] dehydrate it or put it in a root cellar. I was inspired by people living here, in my cold city, who grow enough food in their backyards to last them all winter. This can be done. People do this. Maybe I can do it [...]

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