The new, AWESOMER, plunger assembly.

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As requested: the new plunger assembly. Notice the fine craftsmanship of the fir plate. Yes. Sarcasm. I was in a flap of excitement the day of crushing and pressing, and we were trying all kinds of quick things to see what would work best. That’s my excuse. I essentially chopped down and trimmed corners off a piece of 2×10 fir so that it would be smaller than the bucket diameter, but maybe only by an inch or so. That’s key. It needs air, as I’ve previous mentioned a thousand times. You want to maximize the spread of pressure while ensuring good airflow. Note: bricks don’t work. They just break.

Note that none of the pieces are attached.

One Comment on ““The new, AWESOMER, plunger assembly.”

  1. Torah Teacher

    The only mod I am thinking of is on the press bucket with the stainless tap would be about 50 or so small holes in the lower third of the bucket instead of a tap which sat in a bin that just gravity flowed into the fermentation containers.

    That way as the juice climbed up the sides they just fall through the next set of holes and down the sides. Which is now why I understand the normal wood presses using slats.

    What do you think?

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